Pardon Our Dust While We Remodel

Argh! Don't mind me, I just need to vent this frustration. I just transferred all of the HTML onto this computer so I could work on my website and finally put it back up. Then I opened it up in IE7, and I realized that since it's a popup site, it just doesn't work anymore. It looks right on the left top of the page--but the rest of it tiles the background over and over. It's a mess! The beautiful site that I designed by hand needs to be completely redone. I am not a happy camper...

It's just like real life. Sometimes things need to be re-done, re-worked, re-conceptualized. You have all waited a very long time for this new layout, and it will be even better when it's finally done. I've really missed you guys. Hang in there... is about to make a triumphant return.


Upcoming books and projects--and a warm hello because it's been far too long!